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We live in a world that is barely recognisable from that of 10 years ago. Organisations are facing tough strategic choices against a backdrop of converging markets, narrowing product differentiation, digital disruption, higher social and ethical expectations and broader judgements on the meaning of organisational success. 

I founded Stonehouse-HCC Ltd in 2019, following two decades of Global HR Leadership working across multi-product/brand, multi-channel, global (regulated) listed businesses at scale. I was focussed on delivering transformation through business partnering with disparate stakeholders in matrixed environments to deliver sustainable change with superior performance.

Most of my work has been concerned with collaborating with Investors and Senior Executives so that they get effective, timely and pragmatic help, advice and support when they need it in developing and executing their change agenda.

My aim is to support sustainable change with performance for companies with longer term thinking and Human Capital Consulting solutions.  I work best with teams who want to make a difference and have the scope to do so.

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