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At the executive or board level, either as director, interim or consultant, I have helped leadership teams manage and develop their agendas across a variety of cultural, legislative and economic environments. Programmes have included merger and acquisition activities (pre-and post), radical and sustainable right-sizing, culture programmes, top team performance and coaching, global focus on strategic HR service, leadership and process during organisational change. Providing the HR Team with agile methodologies and developing organisational design frameworks. 

A leading global insurance and reinsurance broker with broking and underwriting arms founded in 1980 and backed by Private Equity investor with a deep appreciation for founder, family and management-owned businesses. 

Programme Objective: Manage the strategic and operational HR challenges that arise in M&A by supporting the full transaction lifecycle—due diligence, purchase agreements, integration planning.

Stonehouse HCC Ltd was engaged to support the Executive Team and Investors with HR strategies for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) that were tailored for the specific size and type of deal. Stonehouse-HCC was also focussed supporting the acquirer on engaging the acquired employees quickly to speed integration and avoid productivity dips that plague some deals.

In 2020, the Client was acquired as part of the  trade-buyers expansion into specialist insurance markets. The successful acquisition enhanced its expertise and product offering further and expand its presence across Asia, Australia, Europe, Bermuda, and the Middle East.


In 2021 Stonehouse HCC Ltd was engaged by a boutique strategy consulting firm supporting value creation in a wide range of organisations, ranging from multinational corporations and private companies through to associations; also supporting investment banks and private equity funds.

Programme Objective: Commercial Due Diligence to support the strategy consulting firm and their end-client Private Equity Fund with the evaluation of an investment opportunity to establish significant growth capital will build on the target’s winning advantage and deliver the path to profitability.

Stonehouse HCC Ltd was engaged with its specific subject matter expertise and market knowledge to support a multi-disciplinary team with a range of techniques, research and customer insight methodologies to deliver the best insights and outcomes. 


In 2021 Stonehouse HCC Ltd was engaged by a leading US Private Equity concern to support their early due-diligence on a target servicing the Lloyds Insurance Market.

Programme Objective:  Provide consulting services to PE firm in connection with the potential acquisition of, or investment in a London-based, market leading provider of underwriting management solutions to Lloyd’s and non-Lloyd’s clients across the insurance life cycle .


Stonehouse HCC Ltd was retained as a consultancy to provide advisory services in evaluating the target investment. 

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